Established in 2008, Jin Shan started as a professional wholesaler, providing our customers with high quality products of testing equipment such as sockets, pogo pins (testing probes), shielding boxes, and other electronic parts like RF, atenna, and so on. With the constant and rapid changes and development in the electronic industry, Jin Shan also evolves with the trend and begins to offer customized products to meet our customers' unique needs in testing procedures. Holding the belief that high-quality products and comprehensive service as our central philosophy, Jian Shan will continue to keep up with the time and provide our customers with the best products and services at your request.


Providing values to clients is our philosophy. Simplicity and innovation are the principles that we observe. Profession and persistence are what we have been doing.
We are aiming at the pursuance of flawlessness in the quality of our products in order to meet our clients’ needs.
We are constantly improving the quality of our products, seeking effectiveness in doing business with our clients, and creating competitiveness for our clients with our fine products.
Jin Shan has been growing incessantly with the supports from all of our clients, and we will keep in mind that “client first” is our priority.
With the greatest sincerity, the fastest service, and the most experienced profession, we expect to provide the best quality and preponderance to our clients.

We are specialized in the following areas:

‧ RF Connectors & Cables
‧ Professional Gauges
Socket Production & Shield box Production
‧ Electron Probes
‧ Design & Production of Automatic Equipment 
‧ Secondhand Equipment