• GNSS Signal Simulator

Model : Chroma 49003

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  • Evaluation of GPS products quality / accuracy
  • Evaluation of GPS receiver sensitivity
  • Mobile phone GPS function test
  • Performance evaluation of receiver and module design
  • Verify operational integrity of GPS receivers and module


Chroma 49003 Satellite Signal Simulator is a new generation of test instruments, the advantages of combining traditional instruments and new architecture designed in full compliance with the standards of the GPS and GLONASS testing will subvert the traditional concept of the test system.

The Chroma 49003 power output with high accuracy (resolution 0.1dB), built-in high-stability 10.22MHz OCXO (GLONASS) and 10.23 MHz OCXO (GPS) to provide the best signal quality, on-demand s ingle channel t ype satel l i te navigation data output and humanized operation interface, in full compliance with the testing requirements of the production line. The light volume and scalable satellite series design concept, with the contact and non-contact fixtures can be a variety of test environments, such as miniaturized test system, portable test system, as well as a small amount of diverse testing requirements, it can meet your any testing requirements.

The Chroma 49003 retains the advantages of traditional instruments to facilitate the operation and the high stability of the system, multifunctional, high-quality and economical price, will be the best choice of the measurement works.



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