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You can test GPS devices in manufacturing, faster and at lower cost, with LitePoint IQnav™. It generates L1 GPS signals over a wide power range supporting both conducted and radiated test methods. IQnav offers both C/C++ level API interfaces for rapid integration into production test systems, and it has a Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for simple and rapid debug in verification environments.

You can define all key parameters for GPS signal creation including navigation data, space vehicle number, and Doppler shift (+/- 10 kHz).  And, you can measure accurate CW signal output levels up to -60 dBm through a single test port connector using a simple power meter.

Use either an  IQnav one- or six-channel model to support various GPS test needs. By using a six-channel model you can test Carrier to Noise (C/N) ratio and location “fix” using the single connection. Save time and get better test quality than using “over the air” GPS signals.

For CDMA equipped handset models, use IQnav's specially engineered input and output triggers for synchronization with handset testers. You'll achieve seamless testing of assisted GPS (A-GPS) handsets.

Features Benefits
Wide Power Range (-140 dBm to -60 dBm) Test device and calibrate test set up from one RF port
CW signal mode Simplifies test set-up calibration
Synthetic Power Sweep (6 channel model)      Do six power level checks in one sweep
A-GPS trigger capability Test A-GPS
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