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True MIMO Testing Made Easy
Fully characterize MIMO devices with up to 4 independent streams using real world signal conditions.
Achieve Highest Manufacturing Yields
True MIMO testing in R&D ensures best possible performance margin allowing simpler test methods in manufacturing.
Advanced Analysis Tools
Graphical analysis tools display all common 802.11 test metrics including EVM, mask, EVM per carrier, and CCDF on a per stream basis to pinpoint transmitter failure modes.

Support for both spatial expansion and direct mapping modes of WLAN MIMO transmission.
Built in Waveform Generation Tools
Built in waveform generation tools allow creation of standards compliant 802.11 MIMO waveforms dynamically through either the system API or graphical interface.
Develop Test Software Once
Program compatibility to IQflex ensures test programs developed using IQnxn in SISO mode can be 100% re-used on IQflex for manufacturing test.
VSA RF Frequency Range:
2400 - 2500 MHz 
4900 - 6000 MHz
VSA RF Maximum Input Power:
+30 dBm
VSA Capture IF Bandwidth:
60 MHz
VSG RF Output Power Range:
2400 – 2500 MHz: -95 to 0 dBm
4900 – 6000 MHz: -95 to -10 dBm
VSG RF Output Power Range:
-95 to -10 dBm (modulated) -95 to +0 dBm (CW)
VSG IF Bandwidth:
70 MHz
Software Interface:
10/100 Mbps Ethernet 
Technologies Supported:
802.11a/b/g 802.11n SISO
802.11n MIMO

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