• 2 Port SATA to USB3.0
  • 2 Port SATA to USB3.0
  • 2 Port SATA to USB3.0

Model : U1903A

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The U1903A adapter is designed for desktop/Embedded system that converts SATA Storage to USB3.0 19pin Header port. 
You can insert U1903A to your USB port on the motherboard.
U1903A allows you to easily expand SATA port without rebuild your system.

System Requirements

USB 3.0 19pin port


61mm X 40mm X 12mm



Operating Temperature 
0 ~ 70℃

  • USB 19pin connection to desktop or Embedded system
  • USB specification compliance
          − Comply with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification rev. 1.0 (USB 3.0)
          − Comply with Universal Serial Bus Specification rev. 2.0 (USB 2.0)
          − Comply with USB Mass Storage Class Specification rev. 1.0
          − Support USB Attached SCSI (UAS)
          − Support 5 Gbps SuperSpeed, 480 Mbps high-speed, and 12 Mbps full-speed transfer rates
  • SATA specification features
          − Comply with Serial ATA Revision 3.0 Specification Gold Revision
          − Support SATA power saving, including partial and slumber modes
          − Support SATA Hot Plug
          − Support SATA host/device initiated power management
          − Support SATA BIST host/device initiated eye pattern test
          − Support 6.0 Gbps, 3.0 Gbps and 1.5 Gbps transfer rates
  • Operating System support
          − Windows 8/Windows 7 32&64, Mac OS 9.X/10.X, Linux Kernel 2.4.X/2.6.X
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