Shielding Effectiveness

> 80dB up to 2GHz> 70dB 2GHz to 3GHz


<1.7, 500MHz ~ 3GHz

Operation Mode

Manual operation

Outer Demension

344(W)×380(D)×715(H) mm

Door Demension

176(W)×130(H) mm

Path Loss

22dB Typical

Effective Cell Height

220 mm

Field Strength at Test Point

13dBuV/m at 1 uV input

Data Connector

DB25(p) outside and DB25(s) inside

RF Connector

N(f) *2 outside and SMA(f)*2 inside

Operating temperature


Storage temperature



 rotating object



For various small rf test equipment, such as bluetooth, GPS (global positioning system) receiver, portable phone, etc. Through input port exert external test signals in electromagnetic wave box internally generated a persistent predictable testing field. If the unit is transmitted by equipment produced by the radiation field, it can also use test to its receiver through port into detection. Its unique economical design makes medium precision measuring get optimal.
It is Mainly used in GSM, CDMA, 3G mobile phone DECT, bluetooth products, portable telephones, PHS (PHS), PCS (personal communication system), WLL (WLL) development, production and maintenance.